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How can I restrict Qlik Sense Apps inside a Stream?

Following steps to hide app from user using Custom property:
  1. 1.
    Create a custom property:
  • Insert a name
  • In Resource type check Apps and Users
  • Insert a value then Apply
QMC -> CustomProperties -> Create new
2. Assign the custom property to the desired app:
  • Add the value previously registered in the custom property and Apply
QMC -> Apps -> Desired App
3. Disable the Security Rule, named as “Stream”:
  • Check the box disabled and Apply.
QMC->Security Rules-> Stream
4. Create a security rule:
  • Create a rule from template: App Access
  • Name: insert a name of your choice
QMC->Security Rules -> Create New
  • Resource filter: App_*
  • Actions check the read box
Then in the filter condition, configure like shown below:
  • Add one more filter clicking in the plus icon and ungroup it
  • The condition between the filters will be "OR" and insert the username value like shown below
All set up! It will look like this:
You can preview the rules clicking in preview
Finish by clicking on apply
Before these settings:
Hub -> StreamTest
After these settings:
Hub -> StreamTest